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Gleamers Automotive

Thank you Gleamers Automotive car sales

Hey there, Merseyside! We’ve got a quick update for you from the Rapid 24 Hour Breakdown Recovery crew. Yesterday, we rolled out to lend a hand to Ellis, whose Ford Focus decided it needed a timeout right in the heart of Garston, Liverpool.

Our team hustled over to the scene, loaded up the Ford Focus like a pro, and hit the road to Gleamers Automotive in Garston. If you haven’t heard of Gleamers, they’re the wizards of car fixes around here.

At Gleamers, Ellis’s ride got the VIP treatment. We handed over the keys, did the paperwork dance, and left knowing the Ford Focus was in excellent hands.

Ellis, if you’re reading this, we hope you’re back on the road feeling good as new. If anyone else in Merseyside finds themselves in a jam, remember, Rapid 24 Hour Breakdown Recovery is just a call away.

Stay tuned for more updates from your friendly roadside squad. Until then, drive safe, Merseyside! 🚗💨