Seized Vehicle Recovery

Seized Vehicle Recovery

Has your vehicle been seized and impounded by the police? Need a fast and reliable recovery service? Look no further!

At Rapid Breakdown Recovery, we specialize in the quick and efficient recovery of seized vehicles from police compounds. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you get your vehicle back with minimal hassle.

Seized Vehicle Recovery

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Rapid Seized Vehicle Recovery

We understand that having your vehicle seized can be a stressful experience. Our team is here to make the recovery process smooth and straightforward.

Contact us to discuss your situation. We’ll guide you through the necessary steps and paperwork required for the recovery. Please read this information from the police before contacting POLICE WEBSITE

We assist you in gathering and preparing all the necessary documents to present to the police compound.


Our professional drivers and recovery vehicles ensure your car is safely transported from the compound to your desired location.

We provide additional support and advice on any further steps you might need to take after the recovery.


Seized vehicle recovery

Covers the whole of Merseyside



Relocation of any vehicle type

Typically, you’ll need proof of ownership, a valid driver’s license, and any paperwork related to the seizure. Also you will need insurance or to buy compound insurance. Our team will guide you through the specific requirements.



The duration can vary based on the situation and compound policies, but we strive to recover your vehicle as quickly as possible, often within 24-48 hours.


Yes, we can assist in recovering vehicles from most police compounds. Contact us with your details, and we’ll provide specific information.


Our pricing is transparent, and we’ll provide a detailed quote upfront. Any additional fees will be clearly communicated.


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